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Upgrading a game to the newest AGS version
« on: 11 Apr 2019, 20:59 »
Hello, I have some interesting news: a while ago Sebel from the Secret of Mount Monkey project stated that he would be interested in reviving the project; you can check out some details here:

A few days ago, he confirmed that he's restarting the project, but he would need to update the old game source code to the newest version of AGS; I was curious if there is any software tool that can do this automatically, or one can only do this manually?

Thanks in advance!

Re: The Secret of Mount Monkey is back in production!
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Hi, guys!  :grin:

As you can see from the link that Cyrus wrote in the previous post, I am also interested in the "resurrection" of this project.

Updating a source code of an old game made with AGS is possible!!!  :cheesy:

Unfortunately, however, it is necessary to perform several steps, several updates (and related "adjustments")  from one version to the next.

This is covered in this page of the AGS manual:

... all the steps to do are these:
Upgrading to AGS 2.7
Upgrading to AGS 2.71
Upgrading to AGS 3.0
Upgrading to AGS 3.1
Upgrading to AGS 3.2
Upgrading to AGS 3.3
Upgrading to AGS 3.3.5
Upgrading to AGS 3.4
Upgrading to AGS 3.4.1

In order to achieve the necessary goal for SeBel to resume production of the game, which is currently pending but is already achieved until the second chapter, all work must be updated starting from AGS version 2.70!  :shocked:  :shocked: :shocked:

You can understand how problematic this is!

A tool that would check every AGS game release and then upgrade everything (from that AGS release on) AUTOMATICALLY would be REALLY useful!

And not only for this project, but even for all the others of which the authors would like to upgrade, or resurrect and complete some old game! And even for the games that are no longer playable in PCs with the new operating systems.

And since in old AGS releases was possible to update the games at least from the previous version, I think it would be "easy" to "recover" all those "script-possibilities" and realize a tool that includes everything (obviously for the ones who are competent in programming!).

What do you think? Don't you think that such a tool could be useful to everyone, not just SeBel?  :wink:

And if so, is there someone competent enough in programming who can make this wish come true?

We are waiting for your comments, keeping our fingers crossed, waiting for positive news!  ;-D


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Re: The Secret of Mount Monkey is back in production!
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I don't think you have to upgrade to every version in between. However, the people at the technical boards might help, so I moved it there.

Re: Upgrading a game to the newest AGS version
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Like I've been saying to you in PM, there are switches in General Settings that allow to enable old script functions and some of the old behavior. I suggest first trying these, and then see what remains to deal with.

The "Upgrading to" topics explain the process of "upgrading" script, making it modern. If you are not aiming to make your script modern but keep it old style, then amount of work could be less.

Writing an automatic tool could be a very difficult task on its own, because this is not about merely replacing one function with another, some approaches had changed too, meaning such tool would have to analyze your code and modify its logic (do refactoring). Large companies spend years developing similar tools for real languages.

It may be easier to use backwards-compatible switches for starters, and then gradually embrace new scripting style as you work on the project yourself.
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