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Author Topic: [AGS HELP WANTED] I Wanna Rock - Looking For Artists  (Read 899 times)


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I Wanna Rock - Looking For Artists
« on: 10 Jun 2019, 01:06 »
Hey Guys.    :smiley:

Long time forum user here, but now I'm working on my first AGS game.  I just need some help with the art.

Project Title:
I Wanna Rock   

An adventure game about a rock fan who enters a competition in a music magazine, and wins an all-expenses trip to spend the afternoon with his favourite band, UpTempo Maniacs. 
The band will also play an exclusive live set, just for you.  But things don't exactly go smoothly...

Positions Available:
The game will probably be 640x400. 
I'm looking for someone to help with backgrounds, characters, object items, and Inventory items.   

I'm currently using resources from RON (and a few other places) as placeholder art. 
But obviously, I'd like the game to have it's own art.

Jason meets the band manager

Jason and Deryl in the arcade.

The game takes place in a mansion, with 45 rooms spread over 4 Floors. 
There are 10 characters that need to walk in 4 directions. 
There's a whole bunch of 'Object' items and Inventory items.

When it's ready. 

I'm looking for a style that's slightly cartoony, so... nothing too realistic\serious.
A strong colour palette is preferred. 
Maybe something like Fran Bow, Monkey Island, or Maniac Mansion\Day Of The Tentacle?
But I'm open to ideas.  Most of the characters are rockers, if that helps. 

This will be a free game, so I cannot pay you.  But you will, of course, get credit for your art.
If you're interested, please either post here, or PM me. 

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