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The Castle
« on: 19 Jul 2019, 01:27 »
I feel like I just started the game, and am already stuck.  I've picked up everything that's not nailed down but not sure where to use ANYTHING yet.  I don't know how to get any of the other characters into the house once one has gone in.  I don't know what to do with the carnivorous plant.  I've ordered the pizza but can't get it.  I can't get into any of the locked places. 

Any help or guidance would be much appreciated...a walkthrough would be VERY appreciated!  It's a great game and I feel like I'm playing a new version of Maniac Mansion...and would have NEVER gotten through MM without a walkthrough!  :)

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Ok, give me some time to make a good walkthrough.

I thought it could be a difficult game, but you do not know this until people play.

For now I can make some very useful spoiler to keep going:
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-There is another way to enter the castle apart from the main entrance.
-There is a way to get the guard out of his room for a long time.

Thanks for the support.

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Pheeeew, These puzzles are not easy   …
I need a few hints:
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 How do I catch the mouse?
I placed the cheese and I guess I have to use the hookah withn the hole
but nothing happens

Also havíng problems with the carnivourous plant, used all my items on it
Inventory: Vacuum cleaner, cheese, flasks, book, towel, CD, magnetic board, Cola gas,
rubber duck, milk, mallet,ravens

After a while the vampire lady appears and I keep getting caught

Do I have to? As well as being electrocuted ?


Questions over Questions …..
Help would be appreciated
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Ok, some hints... but I am doing the walkthrough.

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You need two characters. Use the hookah in one hole, in other hole you will see the mouse escaping from the smoke. You will need the vacuum cleaner to suck the mouse.

Leave the carnivorous plant for later.

There are ways to fight the vampire lady. Try to get a wooden cross... Or remove the painting from the wall of the room above, where there is a painted cross behind. Take the vampire there to see the cross. It will leave you alone for a while.

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Thank for the hints
But I Need a few more clus :
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Where is the second hole ?

And can I get the key from the ceiling ?

I saw the helicopter delivering the Pizza, but nothing happened

This is a real challenge, well done !!!

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Some hints:

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There are 3 holes, 1 of them in the prison, other behind a picture in the museum.

Of course you need the key, try to desactivate the machine where you get electrocutated.

You need the key to get inside the wooden tower to get the pizzas and more things.

Good luck!

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Compared to this game, MM was a piece of cake :-)

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 I find no way to turn off the machine
Once I get electrocuted, I have no more access to the controls
Cannot switch to second player either
My guess is that I have to flood the bathroom to maybe cause a short circuit
However, I have no item that could block the Drainage, nor can I operate the left faucet
Or is it just a red herring ?

I found the second hole in the prison already but that means that
I have to get caught which I am trying to avoid

I am getting desperate …..
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Re: The Castle
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I've updated the walkthrough. There is the ending 1 fully explained with screenshots.

Almost all your questions are answered there.