Author Topic: "yabb" in URLs: rewrite to "forums"  (Read 312 times)

"yabb" in URLs: rewrite to "forums"
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A lot of forum posts contain links that have "/yabb/" in them, e.g.  This even pertains to sticky posts, for instance the post "Quick Links to Forum Tutorials!" in the Critic's Lounge.

These links are all broken. There must have been a site reorganisation that moved all URLs to the respective URL . But contents of existing posts weren't changed, so all links to older posts were left dangling.

Now I'm no website buff but I seem to recall that websites can have a place for "rewriting rules" or some such. Mainly, if some incoming request asks for an URL of a certain form, reply with the content of a changed URL instead. So wouldn't it be possible enter a rule to rewrite all URLs that contain "/yabb/" automatically to use "/forums/" instead?

That would probably be only one line in one place to repair tons of broken links in one fell swoop.

Some information I turned up with a quick search:
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Re: "yabb" in URLs: rewrite to "forums"
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