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[C]omplete game with a funny story and some interesting puzzles

Help a hungry customer get an ice cream!

Germans crave for ice cream as soon as the sun is shining -- even when it is freezing and there is snow in the streets. Or so it is said (maybe without justification).  ;)
This is the story of a hungry German that must battle
  • an Italian ice cream vendor,
  • a crazy helicopter mum
  • and outlandish machinery
to get his beloved cone.

Overall playing length: Around half an hour.

Features DIY voice acting: If you want to hear what\'s being said, then read the captions aloud!  8-)

Note: Contains Italian swearing; protective Italian parents might want to cover their children\'s ears eyes.

Winner of the MAGS competition for June 2019

Entry in the AGS Game Database
Download via itch.io
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New version with improved Italian swearing published!
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New version published – now with superior Italian swearing due to native speaker input from @LostTrainDude and @lorenzo.
Many improvements in the interactions, particularly in the parlour room.

Download the new version via the AGS Game Database