Author Topic: Maniac Mansion Mania Mini Masterpieces #4: Berthold's Return (German, English)  (Read 7529 times)


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Calm down, Cmdr. Why so upset about being called inactive on the forum? Before this thread you had made exactly one post since May 2018, and that seems to fall under any reasonable definition of "barely posted in years."

It's not an insult—at least not a very good one. If you've spent the time making games instead, that's great! If you want to participate more in the forum, you are welcome back. If you don't, you don't have to justify it to anybody.

(We do have a forum rule to post in English, so please make the effort in the future.)

Ben X

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I will not bother this time to write this text in English, you can do it yourself this time!

I'm afraid Google Translate wasn't up to the challenge, so I couldn't really grasp what you were saying. But I agree with Snarky that "inactive" would be a pretty poor insult, and I didn't mean it as one.

From what I understand, this game is a chapter in a larger story.
Not really. It does advance storylines from previous games (mainly the Berthold and Hamsterman characters) but otherwise was always intended to be a one-off side story. But I've seen that not a few people have misunderstood that and I'm currently toying with the idea of a sequel and a prequel. (I don't promise anything. I do start a lot of games and cancel them soon after if I see that it doesn't come together.)

Please do! A prequel where Berthold gets rid of some other characters would make some of the criticism concerning this game moot.  ;-D

There is also a note on the kitchen door that is still in German.
I did translate the note on the door, but I also had the issue that doesn't load the correct graphic sometimes. Is the title screen graphic also untranslated ("Bertholds Rückkehr" instead of "Berthold's Return")?

Yes. The intro "types" in German at first, and then switches to the English text. Mind you, I didn't touch the setup, so I may have neglected to do something.

Visuals aside, my problem with the game was that it doesn't tell you what the goal is at all, so you end up wandering around the house collecting stuff not knowing what for
This is something I wasn't 100% happy with either. That comes from the fact that I, against my usual workflow, came up with the puzzles first and build everything else around it rather than starting with the plot like I normally do.

And I think this is what lead to people (including me) getting the wrong idea at first.

I hope this doesn't put you off, on posting more of your games.
If an outcry would stop me from posting games, I would have stopped 14 years ago.  :-D I just don't see myself translating any more games any time soon. I don't really like translating stuff. There is a reason why I choose to translate Berthold's Return (my shortest game) and not any my previous ones, despite knowing that the game would be more difficult to understand to be people unfamiliar with Maniac Mansion Mania than my other games.

Have you tried the recruitment board on this site? There may be some members who could help you out with the translation.
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Let's see...

Was erwartest du von mir? Man bastelt jahrelang an einem Spiel, dass durchaus eine gewisse Länge und Komplexität vorweisen kann und das wird hier im Forum nicht nur kaum gewürdigt, sondern am Ende wird man auch noch dumm angemacht, "inaktiv" zu sein. Zumal der Release der englischen Übersetzung (die mich noch zusätzlich genug Zeit und Kraft gekostet hat!) gerade mal ein paar Monate her ist, also in der heutigen vollgestellten Zeit quasi gestern war. Und nein, ich werde mir diesmal nicht die Mühe geben, diesen Text noch in Englisch zu verfassen, das du kannst du diesmal gerne selbst machen! Abgesehen davon, dass diese sinnlose Diskussion sowas von Offtopic ist und überhaupt nichts zum eigentlichen Thema, nämlich Cones Spiel, beiträgt. Aber Offtopic ist hier ja sowieso schon der gesamte Thread, deshalb ist das nun auch egal...

As mentioned, the primary language of this forum is English, and forum rules require that all posts be in English.

But I agree with Snarky that "inactive" would be a pretty poor insult, and I didn't mean it as one.

Fair enough, but it's still irrelevant to the discussion of the game. So let's move past it.

Everybody, try to keep the discussion centered on the game, rather than on the people or community behind it.

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Well I, for one, love the MM game(s), and although I'm still in the middle of playing this one, I wanted to say that I got a kick out of the toilet paper reference.  Not as in "haha, it's amusing that this is going on"--as a nurse myself, I feel quite the opposite--but just as a little comic relief in such crazy, terrible, and uncertain times.  And yes--it will be great if it's a little-known reference soon, for certain. 

And I know you don't really like translating your games (I'm sure it can be tedious), but I appreciate that you did with this one so I (and many others I'm sure) could play it.  I'm really enjoying it so far.  :)

Hey folks!

I am offering my service as an unpaid translator (German <-> English) as I want to improve.
My only project I have worked on so far is a german translation for the game "Dead Cells" on steam, so I have a little bit of experience.
Feel free to contact me via PM or mail if you need your game localized in german or english.

Thank you!

Hint hint...there are people out there who maybe could get in touch.  ;)