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A lot of my dislike comes from having really expensive internet. Buying a physical game then being forced to spend more downloading updates than you did on the game is something that sticks with you.

Yeah, I can easily understand and agree with that. Then again the modern patch culture has made it possible to fix game-breaking bugs at a rate that simply wasn't there in the past, so every con has a pro and vice versa. I've refused to buy some modern console games for a similar reason: even if i buy a physical copy, I only get a part of the game and have to download the rest online, meaning that if the download server ever dies, my physical copy becomes worthless.
Indeed, I can't even remember when I last purchased a physical version of a game exactly because they have no value to me (I only purchase physical C64-games nowadays). But you are certainly right about the question of patches. Steam gives developers unique possibilities to update and maintain their games easily. The downside of this simplicity is that there are often so many patches in the first weeks or months after release of a game that I basically wait a year before even attempting to play them. Anyway, first world problems I guess. Enough OT from me. ;)

Re: GNRBLEX - Final version [Price 0.00 $]
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Yeah the problem is games are so huge now that sometimes the ‘patch’ can be like hundreds of MB large. My son and I bought Overcooked 2, and I swear every week it seemed we’d go to play only to have to wait for some huge file to download and install (which seems to move at a snail’s pace through Steam).