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Dreams of Winter Mass
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The woods near your ancestral home are not safe. Nobody was ever sure why. You've returned to your ancestral home after several years abroad and feel unease around them. Your grandfather died of a mysterious illness. He once told you there was a demon in those woods. That it lived there since the day God kicked Adam and Eve out of Eden. The symbol of the cross kept him out for so long, but its waning has made it strong. He was never a superstitious man, but whatever lived there made him afraid. Your family is glad to see your return, but a strange white hart has gored your mother, just before your arrival. In rage, you grab one of your grandfather's hunting rifles to end this demon's life once and for all.

This is something I made for a short contest. Its intended to be a prequel to a longer series of games. That's why the title is what it is instead of something that makes sense.

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I like the 1980's style black & white crude graphics because it goes well with the horror theme.
However, without hotspot labels it's difficult to progress because I'm just clicking everywhere without much luck.
Can you offer a clue on how to start the game? Eg how to get the shovel.

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I understand the problem, but the thing is there isn't really a way for me to add them without it being messy. I'm already strapped for text and inventory space in terms of changing the bottom half of the screen. Having it appear as its moused over is also messy.
As to a clue, you've just got to find things that look out of place...
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I have the same problem, and it really hurts the game imo.
You could make the cursors slightly change their sprite over active areas. Or add a label in a small font at the bottom of the top half that shows at least the name of the hotspot.
(The cursor images themselves are also a problem; I know the order and was able to determine what each cursor does but I wouldn't want to play this game as somebody without knowing about the classic Sierra interface. Yes, the readme mentions them. Still.)
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Huh, I didn't think about changing the sprites. That's a really good idea. I think that'll work.