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Hello there,

my name is David Broček AKA Thanyx, the writer from Digital Mosaic Games (Metaphobia - . Our team is looking for artists for our upcoming adventure game with project name Castle Dornstein.

The theme of the game is a classic gothic novel-like story. The main inspiration were stories like Dracula, Frankenstein and other pre-victorian/victorian era novels.

This is going to be a commercial project. More information will be provided in personal discussion.

I dared to create a mock up of graphics I've found around the internet to create a approximate picture of what we expect of the artists.

It is middle of the 19th century. Hemlock, a Prague University Librarian is invited to a famous and very beloved noble Dornstein family in Castle Dornstein in order to translate a mysterious book from medieval latin to German/Czech. The book is called Deorum Historia Orbis Terrarum or The History of the Gods of Earth, and was written by a crazy medieval monk Gregorovitz who claimed was forced to write this book by devil himself.
When Hemlock arrives to the castle however, he becomes rather suspicious of the place. The book he is suppose to study is all of the sudden missing and the residents of the castle start acting strangely.
Hemlock completely changes his view on Dornsteins when he hears local rumors from the nearby villagers about the family, recently deceased Lady Dornstein and the castle itself. The situation even worsens when his personal items are starting to disappear...

Story: 100%
Walthrough: 40%
Dialogs: 2%
Puzzles: 10%
Art: 0%
Music: 0%
Coding: 0%

If you are interested please contact me on my email address . Please do not PM me here as I don't visit AGS forum on daily basis :)
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