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Hi! I made a short adventure game set on a small spaceship. The game is pretty much finished, it just needs a few final touches.

I need some help with testing and proofreading.

Some people have already tried the game and it seems mostly bug-free. But they weren't actively hunting for bugs, just playing the game. So they may have missed some of those nasty critters!
So, I need some help with testing. The game is fairly short, I don't think it should take too long.

I also need help proofreading the game. Fixing sentences that sound strange to native speakers, grammar, typos and so on.

If you're interested, you can send me a PM. Thanks!
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Hi there, I'm a published author and professional text editor and I fix sentences and readability and such for a living. I don't work for free, but I do work within an agreed-upon price rather than set solid prices myself.

References available upon request. Please let me know if this is a paying gig and we can begin from there.

Thank you!

Thank you for the offer, MeteoXavier, but I have already found help. I had modified the title of the thread, but I'll edit again the first post to make it more clear.

Also, the game will be free, so I couldn't afford to pay you anyway. :(