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Joseph DiPerla:
Excellent! XAGE is developing nicely.

The Discord server is useful for stream-of-consciousness type updates that don't necessarily fit on twitter or on forums. 

This evening I ported seven AGS games from scratch and got all up and running in XAGE, albeit with various degrees of success: AeroNuts, Byte of the Draculator, OpenQuest, Eternally Us, Dog From Hell, Ortis, Odot Tamat On.

It's a useful exercise as it helps keep on top of any regressions that may have been introduced as part of other changes.  For instance, this shadow effect is a bug I've not encountered (or noticed) previously:

It's also rewarding to see each game incrementally improve as the conversion process and engine runtime both mature.  Every so often I'll scour the forums and github for open sourced AGS games I may have missed, as each one helps move the needle forward.

This is awesome work Clarvalon!

I have some AGS related open source stuff on GitHub, if you ever find something you need help understanding, feel free to ask. :)

Love your work. Keep at it!  ;)


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