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Development continues apace in all areas, with particular focus on improving the developer experience by tightening the change & test loop.  I detailed some of the more recent engine optimisations here:

Packaging games as single executable files is a nice novelty.

Is XAGE available for download?

Not yet - I had initially planned to have three demo games available on github but I may rethink this to get something out sooner.  I'll update this thread when it's available.

A few evenings ago I spent an hour making a basic game from scratch for my kids.  I don't do these dogfooding exercises often enough as generally I'm focused on ports.  It exposed a few bugs and gaps that I need to address (e.g. creating default cursors, ensuring at least one room exists etc).  The editor UI gets the least amount of love so it needs a few rounds of polishing before I'd inflict it on anyone else  :)

Getting started with XAGE in two minutes ... ish:

Joseph DiPerla:
Will Xage port to mobile?


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