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Suspicious Mind
« on: 15 Aug 2019, 21:42 »
I'm not sure if I'm still at the beginning or not...but I am definitely having trouble after only a couple of minutes into the game:

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 So, I've managed to drug the kidnapper with the liquor & sleeping powder.  I've convinced him that he knows me, and given him the messed-up cell phone.  My problem comes in when my partner starts banging on the door, asking how to help--no dialog option works with the kidnapper, and I always get shot.  I'm not able to reach anything on the other side of the room (can't reach the crate by myself, can't climb the fence to get to the crate, and have no object in my inventory to be able to reach into the crate)...so what do I do now? 
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Re: Suspicious Mind
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I'm not sure how to give a hint that isn't the solution, but:
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the dialog response is optional

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Hint 1:
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You need to somehow let your partner know where to aim, but if the criminal realizes you are talking to someone he will kill you. You need to figure out a way to do it without adressing your partner directly.

Hint 2:
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Jack can hear you talk no matter if you speak to him directly or not.

Hint 3:
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Timing is crucial, and as morganw suggested you don't have to use any of the dialog options.

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Ignore Jack's question, wait until he realizes you are stalling. Talk to the criminal instead.

Re: Suspicious Mind
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Ha!  I was at the very end and didn’t even realize.  Nice little game & thanks for the help!