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Hide/Spoiler inside another hide/spoiler doesn't work anymore

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I was just posting an hide inside of another hide and noticed that this doesn't work anymore.  :~(

Is it something that can be re-added or do we just have to live with it nor working anymore?

Spoiler: ShowHide
This is normal.

But this should be hidden until clicked  :-\


Yeah, I noticed this a few months ago. It's a shame because it made certain things like choose-your-own-adventure stories easier to do.

For some reason this post showed up in my unread posts.
Just mentioning that even though the issue has not been improved yet at all, even as it is already you can incapsulate up to four spoilers one into another (so a spoiler within a spoiler within a spoiler within...) by intersecting tags.

Uhm, hide and spoiler should do the same  (wtf)
I type my code always and typing spoiler is 3 letters more annoying than hide.  :P Not to mention all those older posts, when "spoiler" wasn't a code word.

They do the same thing, and that's why you can incapsulate them because the forum code differentiates the syntax of different logs even when they look alike.
I'm curious, when was Spoiler introduced?


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