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Trying to enter into freelance copywriting...
« on: 14 Feb 2020, 00:45 »
I wasn't sure whether or not this'd fit in the "Adventure Related Talk & Chat" section, so I played it safe and posted it here.

But, as I mentioned in "Offer Your Services", I hope to enter into the world of freelance copywriting, especially copywriting for games (AGS or otherwise).  But I don't have any major games under my belt--commercial or otherwise.

So, I just wanted your opinion on this... should I use some of my past MAGS entries as practice?  Maybe some of you guys have some games I could use as practice for copywriting an advertisement for?

I'm just asking.  I want to have some good samples so people would know what I can do.  I've taken an online class at Udemy about freelance copywriting, as well as looked at stuff online about copywriting for video games, so I'd like to know your two bits on this.