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Throw Me in the River - Remake of an AGS game
« on: 22 Oct 2019, 21:41 »
I haven't been active in AGS development for a bit as I've been branching out and learning more about coding and working in other engines.
Last year I released an AGS game on Steam called Waiting for the Loop, which was a sort-of sequel to another AGS game that I had made back in 2015 called Throw Me in the River for a game jam.
Now, I'm working on a remake of Throw Me in the River in the Ren'Py game engine that I can release on Steam alongside Waiting for the Loop so that the complete story is made available commercially.
I'm posting here because I am looking for support for a low budget crowdfund to complete this remake, which is about 50% complete currently. The link to the Kickstarter is here, and it contains a ton of info on the game:
Any and all support is incredibly appreciated. We're 50% funded but things have slowed down and we won't make it unless people who find this kind of narrative driven project interesting continue to contribute (as finances allow, of course).
Thank you!
Here are some screenshots of the remake along with, for fun, comparison shots of the AGS version: