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My pirates musical machinima video, starring Monkey Island characters


Hello ! I know it's not really point & click related, but if you always wanted to see Monkey Island characters singing and dancing on pirate music... well... :)

My humble love letters to pirates.

 This is a machinima using "The Sims 4" and "Planet Coaster" elements to  tell the sequel of my comic books "Dread Mac Farlane" and my video game  "Looking for Dread Mac Farlane" (both downloable for free). This video  is not related to Electronic Arts nor Frontier Developments. 

After returning to Neverland and joining Captain Hook, his former  apprentice Dread Mac Farlane is choked to see that he recovered his hand  and proclaimed himself King, as other islands and pirates have appeared  around...   

Thanks to Ye Banished Privateers to let me use some of their songs !  And thanks to all the talented modders and creators of "The Sims 4",  "Planet Coaster" and "Garry's Mod" communities for sharing their great  works, without which I would'nt have been able to make this video !

Here are the musical clips from the video, without the dialogs between :)


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