Author Topic: Steam Achievements not unlocking on AGS 3.5.0 [SOLVED]  (Read 124 times)


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Hello everyone,

I've tried contacting a few people about this problem but to no avail. I've made games in 3.4.1 and the achievements worked fine, but my latest is made in 3.5.0 because I love the new feature. I've tried monkey0506's Steam plugins (both) and they done't seem to be working at all. There are no errors just nothing is unlocking. I've followed all the documentation and added the achievements accordingly, but I just can't wrap my head around this, I was also going to wait until the game was released to test out the achievements but apparently you can unlock them without having to release your game. So, in my conclusion I believe it may be the version of AGS but I am still unsure.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

P.S I have tried contacting monkey0506, but seeing that he has not been logged in for a while now I'm not sure if he will return my messages.

Thanks everyone in advanced!

EDIT: I made an oppsie! I didn't add all the .dll files to my compiled folder. Hope this helps other's who come across this problem.
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