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Hi All,

This is a rough (1 Hour) mix of of tracks I have been working on as a mood board to write a story to, and to serve as the soundtrack to the P&C game that is in my head (in its embryonic stages).

The working title for the novel, and associated game is 'Sans Frontières':


Feel free to give any suggestions and feedback (the music in and of itself, but also for suitability as soundtrack music). It is quite a long collection, so feel free to skip ahead liberally.

If you are impressed at all and would like me to compose music for your project, I am more than happy to do so.
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Just slightly updated this, made it three separate tracks.

Hi Binak Versailles!

I've listened to the first track (The Static Zone). I think it's pretty great! In my opinion, it would work greatly as a soundtrack for an adventure game (or even for a film!) -- it's very atmospheric, but not too distracting. I really liked it!

I'm no expert, but I didn't like the percussions in some of parts (e.g. at around 13.35). I think they're a bit too strong and kinda distracted from the atmosphere. But it's only a very small criticism, you did a fantastic job in my opinion.

I'll try to listen to the other tracks as well.