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This is a game that I intend to have no comedy, but just plain horror. It's a game about a former FBI agent who is put on a mysterious case of horrible satanic murders. When it is officially said this group is attempting genocide people start panacking and turn to the police to stop this group before the city goes under martial law. It is up to you (Keith) and other (playable characters) officers to stop this group before the whole city collapses. Intended to be a long game. Any questions about the game? Comments?
Keith Miller
Other characters
Unfinished idea for scenario. I'm still looking for somebody as a character animator, backgrounds artist, and character designer for my game. I'm trying to make the sprites easy to make yet look good. If anybody feels they can draw sprites in this simple style please send me a PM and I'll see what I can do. If you have any comments please be honest so that I can know how to improve my game design, and idea.
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Okay, I've deleted all the posts refering to the Hitler Arts thing, but please keep it out, it could easily offend a lot of people.