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Re: Free Steam keys!
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A bunch of games free on

Any fellow AGSers? "Where the Water Tastes like Wine" and "Milkmaid of the Milky way" have been on the periphery of my radar before.

Oh, I totally missed this, sorry for the late reply. I've played a bit of Where The Water Tastes Like Wine because it totally looked like my type of game (narrative driven! Storytelling! American folk tales!), but I found it to be a huge disappointment. Apart from feeling extremely pretentious (and this is coming from someone who absolutely loves artsy fartsy stuff like Kentucky Route Zero or David Lynch or avant-garde music), the gameplay is just awful. Maybe the devs felt like they had to introduce more game-y stuff in order for it to not be a visual novel, but they did not quite manage to pull it off and the gameplay aspects actually get in the way of the storytelling and the flow. Big "eh, thanks but no" from me.


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Re: Free Steam keys!
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Two keys up for grabs:



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