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The Mind [MAGS March 2020]
« on: 31 Mar 2020, 04:06 »
This is a A.I. version of the card game by the same name.

Game page with Download:

It's fun to play with other people, and I wanted to try my hand at creating an A.I. player.

The basic gameplay is you and your dog need to play your cards in order from smallest to largest, but you can't communicate. You must try to "sync" your minds, in order to play
your cards in the correct order. Yeah, it's a weird game.  :-D

Thank you to VampireWombat for creating the Underworld background, card and character art, and selmiak for creating the music.

This is a MAGS entry, and barely fits the "Death Defying" theme to be honest. Enjoy!

Edit: Fixed link

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