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Hello dear AGS family,

We are a small team (4 friends) which is located in Turkey. We decided to make an adventure game last summer and we found AGS. We were just prepared a demo for a game expo in Turkey. This demo has been made in AGS and we would like to hear your opinions about it. After the expo we decided to move our game into Unity, AGS taught us a lot about basics. We are also thankful for this. And also our game's Steam page is live right now! I don't want to copy+paste our story here so please check our Steam page for more information. :)

Here is the store page link:

I want to give you guys more deep information about the game. Our gameplay duration target is between 3-5 hours depending on the player. The game will be 2.5D but in the demo it's 2D because of the old version in our minds.  In the demo, puzzles are easy, because in the expo we had limited time for each person. Therefore we made them easy for everyone. The important part of this demo is 'story'. Before adding your comment please consider this. :)

About mechanics, in the game, there will be 15+ puzzles and mechanics and one of them will be the major mechanic of our character.
About sounds, we don't have a budget for extra production stuff so our characters don't have any voice.
About music, we are aiming to get online help with it.

Demo link:
Note: (Second button is language button)

Now the stage is yours. We need feedbacks! Thanks in advance!