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Crimson Wizard:

--- Quote from: Matteobin007 on 26 Apr 2020, 14:19 ---What I meant was:
since you suggested me to ground WoaM Linux port on the current AGS version,
should I always keep the port on par with the latest release
or is it better to stick with the current one?

--- End quote ---

Hmm, well, keping it updated with official version may be beneficial if new version has improvements.
But it depends mostly on whether new version maintains backwards compatibility. So far it was always a rule, but it may change soon:

Monsieur OUXX:
How I would proceed :
- clone the WoaMAGS repo somehwere on your hard drive
- Run the custom version of the Editor at least once to see if you visually spot the customizations. New native objects in the scripting language? New nodes in the editor? Maybe try to identify what is now natively offered in AGS 3.5 since AGS 3.3. Do you need any of that?
- clone the AGS 3.5.0.x repo
- find a way of comparing the to repos (I don't think you can do a merge because the WoaMAGS is no longer a branch of AGS, but you can find tools that do recursive diffs on all the files of all the subfolders)
- Assert the degree of customization. Compare with what you saw in step #2. My guess : They mostly added stuff. And wherever they did that, it's probably easy to spot and see how it's still relevant in 3.5.
- Do the merge.
- Enjoy AGS 3.5.0 on Linux
- You won't need to keep up with the newer version of AGS before quite some time, and even if you do, now that you've upgraded to 3.5 you'll probably only need to do a merge from master from tie to time in order to upgrade.


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