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Hey all, I'm trying to build the editor for the first time and I'm unable to get all the projects happy. The step I'm stuck on in the readme is "setup paths to compiled libraries and their headers either in IDE options (older) or project property pages (newer)". I've successfully built allegro, alfont, downloaded irrKlang and dropped it in the appropriate editor folder, and have been setting the aforementioned builds as additional include directories in the project files that request them. I was also able to install August 2007 directX.

My current errors are the following:

Which Solution have you tried to open? Where did you get the source code? Which branch?

This is the AGS.Editor.Full.sln
The source code is from
The current branch is "master"

Running on windows 7 using MSVS 2015 community.

Crimson Wizard:
It sais that it cannot find "alleg-debug-static.lib", which seems as a blocking issue there. (It's needed for the AGS.Native dll)

Have you built allegro from our repository, or from the official one? If latter, you may have to rename the output lib. (In our fork the output names are set up for needs of AGS)

The former; my alleg-debug-static.lib is built from the AGS repo from the patched branch. I put these libs in a folder near my AGS repo and added an entry for it in the windows path variable but I haven't gotten AGS.Native to "see" it which I expect is some kind of project setting I'm unfamiliar with.


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