Author Topic: C or Lua IDEs as convenient as AGS? (Rant)  (Read 603 times)

C or Lua IDEs as convenient as AGS? (Rant)
« on: 12 May 2020, 18:22 »
AGS Editor:
-Can be used from a USB stick without installing anything to the hard drive
-Compiler built-in
-It's a .exe so you don't need to already have a compiler to compile the IDE and compiler
-Every version's system requirements are clearly listed
-Help files included

Other IDEs:
-Install things on the hard drive even if you select a USB stick as the target directory.
-Don't include compilers, so you have to go find a compatible one.
-Source code only. Being able to edit it is cool,  but there's a catch-22 of needing another program to actually use it, which of course is also source code only. An endless cycle!
-Who cares about system requirements? Just stop being poor!
-Help files require an internet connection. You can't include an extra 5 Mb, not even on the side? (Or they're included, but in Chinese)

Rant over.
Tl:dr, what are some good C++ IDEs or Lua IDEs which I can run from a USB stick on my old Windows XP PC, and which come in .exe form?

Re: C or Lua IDEs as convenient as AGS? (Rant)
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For C  , CodeBlocks is one that comes to mind:
I have 13.12 installed on my virtual XP machine, tried the portable latest version (20) but that apparently requires a 64bit Windows.
There's a version with compiler and without installer, should be exactly what you need.

worked fine for me on XP
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Re: C or Lua IDEs as convenient as AGS? (Rant)
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What are you using LUA with ?

Also... Why Windows XP? Can you give the PC specs?