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Not sure this is where my issue belongs, but it can be moved if the Moderator so chooses.

When Photobucket decided to ransom third party hosting, they took the wind out of my sails. I became pretty inactive for a while, but returned, using Imgur. Got a nastygram from Photobucket, today, saying that they had detected I was still using third party hosting. I'd deleted all the images I had on Photobucket, so the only linking is being done by Photobucket to their "nag screen." I made an attempt to remove all the Photobucket links, but promptly ran into issues where forum members had copied my links , and, it appears, I can't delete linked links. Same thing may apply to quotes from posts I've made, since I can't seem to delete some of them, either. I'm guessing at this, but it seems logical.

Any easy way to do this?

I did not move my images from Photobucket to Imgur, so they are gone. My problem is not unique, I'm guessing, based on what I'm seeing on old forum posts.

They the ones that changes the rules, so let them delete the account.
I also used Photobucket, if they don't want us to link to old files, then they can just delete my account. I won't lift a finger, since I can't go back and find all the places I posted an image link and edit it.

What a ****ing piece of **** company. Just utter scum.

Since they don't hold your pictures any longer, I would just report their email as spam and block them.

If they can detect that then they should be able to give you a list of all the addresses where your pictures are being linked.

I’ve also got a few on here and elsewhere. I’ll have to scour my old Hotmail account for emails in the sea of spam.

I only found one email from 2017 saying that they are aware I’m using 3rd party hosting. No threats or anything. But I decided to log in and it’s all crap. A real mess. The only stuff worth saving is my Fuji Rock photos (which I surely have on a hard drive somewhere but wouldn’t hurt to save them again).

When I can get a moment I’m going to sit and save the things I want then delete my account.

Reading this, I tried logging in my account and saw this:

--- Quote ---Image Hosting Is Not Permitted
We have detected that you are hosting images using a free tier account in violation of our terms of use. You can either purchase an unlimited hosting plan or immediately stop hosting.

--- End quote ---
If no hosting is permitted WHAT ARE FREE ACCOUNTS FOR?

So I installed their awful mobile app (seems that there is no easy way to do this on the site unless you do this one by one), downloaded all my images and deleted all of them.
Then I uninstalled the app.
THE END (I hope)


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