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The Adventures of The Black Hawk

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Hi adventurers,

I wanted to present you a new project of a point & click graphic adventure that is currently being developed in Spain. The adventure is called The Adventures of The Black Hawk. The story takes place in the south of France, during the French Revolution, where our protagonist, an unfortunate aristocrat who leads a double life, tries to help behind his mask the lower class with the help of his privileged social position.

The project started in April of last year and soon we will launch the web, in classic style too. We are trying to recall the graphic adventures of the 80s and early 90s that amused us so much trying to be true to his style in every way. This is a third person point & click adventure with a resolution of 320x200px using its famous 9-verb interface.

What do we offer you?
We assure you, a graphic style based on LucasArts with totally original backgrounds and characters, own soundtrack appropriate to the style, fun, humor with a lot of irony, bizarre situations and sword fights in the style of Indiana Jones games.

Here our website where you can find more information about our adventure! We hope you like it!

Enjoy it!!  :)

Looks fantastic.  Looking forward to playing it.   :cheesy:

Oh wow I love your game already!!!  Looks exactly like my sort of game.  ;-D  That first screenshot is a thing of beauty.

All the best with development.

Looks absolutely fantastic! Can't wait!

Thank you very much!! I am sure that if you like these images you will love the game. Both the graphics and the gameplay will remind you of Lucasarts in many ways. And there will be easter eggs ...;)


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