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The Dome
« on: 22 May 2020, 23:50 »
Hello all. I've just finished my first AGS effort, The Dome. It's the story of a man's fascination with, and attempt to reach, a mysterious domed structure that lies beyond an impassable mire.

Gamejolt link:
AGS game database link:

I know the graphics aren't up to much - I'm no artist :-) Hopefully some people may find the story interesting, though.

Some screens at the original 320x200 resolution (upscaled versions in Gamejolt link):

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« Reply #1 on: 23 May 2020, 11:17 »
Congrats on creating and releasing your first game! Looks good.  :smiley: Your art is better than mine :grin:

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« Reply #2 on: 25 May 2020, 18:15 »
I just finished the game. Overall, it is a really impressive work, especially for a first release!

Great story and the way it unfolds and makes the player realize the balance between determination to achieve goals and making moral decisions is really awesome. Animations, music, sound are good too! There's a great balance between inventory puzzles and dialogue puzzles and the game is a great experience.

Some things to improve:

The graphics are certainly adequate. However, when you create a game, you have to make a decision as to how game items can be identified to the player. You can either use hotspots that change a label or at least the cursor when you hover over game items, OR if your graphics are designed in a way that game items are apparent visually, then players will just intuitively know that something is a game item. If you look at the questions in the hints section, both are based on game items blending into backgrounds in way that players could not identify them. As much as I loved the puzzles, I spent considerable time clicking around backgrounds to find things and probably would never have found the items that are discussed in the hints without knowing what I'm looking for.

If you really want to take the experience to the next level, try to put in more responses to attempts. Maybe if you give a character an item he doesn't need it should say "Bob doesn't need that can" or something rather than no response from the game when the player tries different ideas.

So, as I said, this is an awesome game in the sense that the story and puzzles are really good. The way it really has meaning to real life really makes the player think rather than just being a funny story that ends with the credits. The fact that this is a first release is even more impressive. So, please take the points I made more as suggestions for your next game rather than criticism!


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« Reply #3 on: 27 May 2020, 06:53 »
Thanks very much for the feedback. I'll definitely take all that on board :)


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Re: The Dome
« Reply #4 on: 17 Aug 2020, 12:16 »
this looks very interesting. sadly the linux version doesn't start. even after allowing the starter and the engine to be executed ???

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« Reply #5 on: 17 Aug 2020, 17:57 »
Perhaps you can make it run by changing the permissions. Unpack the thing and open a shell in the directory containing "TheDome"

chmod +x TheDome
chmod +x data/ags64

Worked for me. The problem with permissions is recurring in a lot of Linux versions, do not know if certain archivers strip the metadata.

Good luck!

Re: The Dome
« Reply #6 on: 17 Aug 2020, 17:59 »
I just see that you "allowed the starter and engine to be executed", so you already set the permissions. Any error message? Worst case you can run the windows version with wine, works also on most AGS games :-)


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Re: The Dome
« Reply #7 on: 18 Aug 2020, 01:29 »
I am playing this too. Atm I am at
Spoiler: ShowHide
 the point where I have the strange potion...

edit: finished now (with some help from the hints...)

Nice :)
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Re: The Dome
« Reply #8 on: 18 Aug 2020, 12:51 »
Sorry you couldn't get it working.

I'm not that familiar with the way the GNU/Linux engine works, but the game works for me by making executable both the shell script and executable file, as sthomannch said. However, I did originally need to install some missing dependencies, such as allegro. If you run the game from the shell, you should hopefully get a message about what you're missing, if anything.

FYI, as per the info on the GameJolt site ( under <GNU/Linux users>, the Windows exe should run fine in Wine, so you can hopefully use that if you still can't get the native GNU/Linux version working.

Re: The Dome
« Reply #9 on: 19 Aug 2020, 19:27 »
I really like your graphics, very unique. Looks and sounds great! I'll try it for sure.

Re: The Dome
« Reply #10 on: 04 Oct 2020, 19:49 »
I'd want Space Quest fangame in this graphic style :)