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@Creamy - but is that because they are supposed to look a bit strange? ...  :wink:

@KyriakosCH - thanks!

@DBowWheeler - Aviv has the skills, and the artistic talent, I have the ... er... I have what I've got!

I think he really wanted it to be outright horror initially but that's really not my thing at all so I would describe this very much as a thriller with horrific themes.  But don't expect a gore-fest here because you won't get one! 

It’s going great, just over halfway through the campaign and we’re 93% funded.  ;-D

Today also added a new reward tier which includes exclusive “Making of” commentary and short story.

Having already passed our initial funding target, we have added stretch goals to "The Corruption Within":

-£2,500  Enhanced and narrated intro & outro
-£3,250  2 secret rooms in the mansion
-£4,000  Additional multiple ending possibilities



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Congrats on getting funded!  :-D
There are those who believe that life here began out there...

Thanks Cassie!  ;-D

Congrats on the funding! :)
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