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Cinomeh's Revenge (text parser adventure game)
« on: 11 Jun 2020, 23:11 »
Cinomeh's Revenge

After this project was frozen for 3 years, I've recently decided it's time to revive it and finish it up.
Status: currently the game is in testing phase.

Cinomeh's Revenge is an English IF-with-graphics adventure game using the good old parser.
It's a remake of the obscure original 1986 French-only version by ERE Informatique.

You play as an assassin, on a mission to kill the tyrant king.
Explorer the fantasy land, the castle and it's underground rooms and catacombs, solve puzzles and uncover mysteries...

To make sure everybody can play this game the way he/she did play games back in the good old 80's,
this game supports the following 31 graphic modes (palettes), which you can switch anytime in-game:

* Amiga (2 versions)
* Amstrad CPC
* Amstrad Green Mono
* Apple II (2 versions)
* Atari 8-bit (2 versions)
* BBC Micro
* C64 (2 versions)
* Commodore Vic-20
* DOS CGA (6 versions)
* Game Boy
* Game Boy Color Hybrid Gold
* Game Boy Color Hybrid Brown
* Game Boy Color Hybrid Pastel (2 versions)
* MSX (2 versions)
* MSX2
* NES (2 versions)
* SMS (2 versions)
* ZX Spectrum

Overview of the 31 graphic modes (palettes) for the intro screen:

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