Author Topic: Leave item again in inventory window  (Read 111 times)

Leave item again in inventory window
« on: 01 Jul 2020, 02:13 »
Hello, me again with more questions .

As the title says i want to grab an item from the inventory window and if there's no hotspot o character available to use the item on it. i just want the player to be able to leave the item in the inventory window again and the mouse cursorsget the walk view . am i clear?  i don't know if i can explain myself clearly , because of my poor english .
Thank you so much. :grin:

Re: Leave item again in inventory window
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We still don't know which template you're using. Sierra? BASS? Empty? It's almost pointless to try and answer your question without this information.

In general, if you call  player.ActiveInventory = null;  that should revert the mouse mode to eModeWalkto in most cases.

(Also, consider posting in the beginner's technical forum instead ;))
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