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@Creamy: I'm curious, what kind of bird is this
She's a heron. If a mouse can dance, surely a heron can.

Anyways, it seems to me that the proportions might be a bit off - one leg alone is as thick as the hip? Might be correct for her species but it looks slightly off.
I tried to get some comic effect - thick lower body, thin upper body - but I'm not up to the task so let's reverse to normal proportions (picture edited).

Since herons are white, I reversed Ballerina's colors to add a little oddity.

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Re: Sprite Jam: Dancer (Results)
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My word! I am happy to see that my troupe made such an impression! Thank you kindly for this award, and thank you to all participants!

Truly, I am pleased that the concept sketch worked as well as I had hoped. I have been teaching myself how to draw and sketch more reliably recently, and it is pleasing to see that it seems to be working.

For the other entries, I shall say that I find them very intriguing. Jack's neon balette danceresse is splendid - flowing and plunging in one simple motion. I also find Creamy's piece quite compelling in its peculiar oddity. It is fascinating, and strangely ancient.
I am also very amused by Cassiebsg's piece, in all its blocky delight. It is almost cubistic in nature. Most amusing - most Danish. Silly, in a quite pleasing manner.

Now, once I have installed my trophy on the mantel-piece, I shall start the next leg of the competition shortly. Keep an eye out, and keep those pencils handy.


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Re: Sprite Jam: Dancer (Results)
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Thanks for the trophy. :)

It could definitely work as a sprite, if the body is not translucent. Imagine an animation drawn on a blackboard.

Am I the only one who sees a naked lady jumping into the sea? Midnight swim!

A fitting interpretation. I had too few polys in the cloth. I guess you could say the simulation was a bit watered down.