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Re: Doors
« Reply #20 on: 28 Jun 2020, 01:40 »
Looks really good! I'm going to download and play momentarily. I'll be back with my response as soon as I can, but I'm looking forward. I like games like this and everyone keeps mentioning the atmosphere, which I'm a big fan of, it sounds really good. 
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Re: Doors
« Reply #21 on: 13 Aug 2020, 03:31 »
I really enjoyed this game! I love the different vibe you get in each of the worlds, and the music is a really nice accompaniment. Everything loosely reminds me of INCA II (one of my favourite games) in that you explore different worlds and solve problems that are sort of localised only to that world (i.e. you can't take items between worlds).

What's the story behind the music? Did you pull it together yourself?


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Re: Doors
« Reply #22 on: 31 Aug 2020, 21:58 »
Some very nice comments added up while I was gone :) Thank you guys!

@milkanannan: I will look that game up, you made me really curious about it. And yes, I made the music myself with the free version of Fruity Loops (and some free plugins). I just tried to create some simple melodies to fit the rooms. If you asked because you are interested in making music yourself, I can share some videos that helped me.