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I am stuck in the Pyramid in Doors https://www.adventuregamestudio.co.uk/site/games/game/2437-doors/

Cannot figure out the logic of the symbols.

Any hint please?

Thanks  :-D


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Pay attention to the name of the Gods.

Hint 2
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Hovering the mouse will show you their names.

Hint 3
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It's a simple symbol=letter problem.

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Write the name of the GODS in the second room, using the symbols in the chamber.
For instance: Anubis
A = yellow bird
N = wave
U = orange bird
B = green boot
I = Rectangle with leg (mirror P)
S = P without the middle horizontal line

Go back to the first room and write the name of each of the 2 GODS by clicking the correct symbols (one letter by line)
Take the pink gem.
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Got it!

Thank you!


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Thanks for playing my game panpil! And thanks to Cassiebsg for answering the question :)
Made me super happy to see someone still playing the game after I was away from the forum for a while.

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Thank you for your help, I was also stuck at the same level