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Find next (F3) doesn't search in "Current project"


pippo calogero:
In AGS Editor .NET (Build v3.5.0, August 2020

If I use F3 for Find next  doesn't search in "Current project" but only in "Current Document",
doesn't respect the selected value specifed during the original "Find" (Ctrl+F).

If its is normal, can You add a check to select thi functionality?

I've not had a chance to test it, but even if it is just a UI problem it is enough of a bug to warrant a change, so I've added it to the bug tracker.

Confirmed: F3 does indeed only search next within Current Document.

Crimson Wizard:
Also, F3 does not carry search parameters over another document, so you cannot press F3 there, you must open dialog with Ctrl+F again.


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