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Author Topic: In Memory of Shane "ProgZmax" Stevens  (Read 4186 times)


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Re: In Memory of Shane "ProgZmax" Stevens
« Reply #40 on: 07 Oct 2020, 21:04 »
SH*** (I just hear the news from the Night of Meteor FB page)
It's been years since I had any news. Basicaly since his website, Pixelgeddon, is offline.
Numerous hours on Stickham, talking about games, old stuff and politic. Me, pissing him off that he was not a real american if he didn't own a .357 magnum.
"I've... seen things you people wouldn't believe. Destroyed pigeon nests on the roof of the toolshed. I watched dead mice glitter in the dark, near the rain gutter trap.
All those moments... will be lost... in time, like tears... in... rain."


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Re: In Memory of Shane "ProgZmax" Stevens
« Reply #41 on: 09 Oct 2020, 15:27 »
Very sad news!
I remember Progzmax as one of the pillars of the early Critics Lounge, and his pixel skills were a great inspiration to us all.
I will contribute to his fundraiser.