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So, i have done my first slightly unfinished (animations not in place) Demo game Max Fury, have you lovely Moderators (I'm not kissing ass here). Played the demo? I Surely hope so!  :) and finished it! Because then you will see, what i'm talking about
In that DEMO i used the view to animate A LOT of things, AND it would have been SO MUCH EASIER, if i could have choosen ONE SINGLE FRAME where the sound is placed and KEEPS PLAYING, and DO NOT CUT OFF. SO feature REQUEST is.

CUTOFF SOUND, true or FALSE. It will be a KILLER feature(!). Thank me later, you can send flower to my home, and so on so forth.

Why you may ask, ok in my game, i had to go into audacity insert SILENCE and try to LINE UP the sound so it matches "almost" with the frames, SIMPLY cause i could NOT do it any OTHER way. The frames destroys the sound! Imagine how much EASIER it could be to sync a sound if you can put it ON the specific animation SOUND, just like you do with FOOTSTEPS, forexample. But the footsteps don't get cutoff cause they are SHORT in wave length.

Feature Request number two.

WHEN using the views sound, SAY i wanted to use the SAME SOUND on ALL FRAMES. I did that in my game, when i animated HUGE typewriting letters on the Screen, and i wasn't really in the need of different typewriter sounds, i thought one sound IS ENOUGH. However now i had to on EVERY SINGLE frame click in the SAME SOUND. It would be VERY NICE to just be able to chose a frame and duplicate the sound of that particular FRAME.

SO my suggestion is something along the lines of PHOTOSHOPS feature called PROPAGATE.
PROPAGATE SOUND, default value of course is FALSE, because Photoshop clearly didn't learn that lesson, but it can have it's usages! And if the player wants the sound to be repeated in all frames then YES.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH, YOURS TRULY /OLLEH, or as my real name is Andreas. Why i'm Olleh i might explain sometime in the future  (laugh)

Edit: I've thought about this more. I KNOW that there's a code where you can have an ACTION at a "exact frame", but OKAY. Then if i want a certain sound for each frame. Imagine the codeblock if i have 300 different sprites.

Is it more clear now? I hope so!

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