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Author Topic: Name a game that changed your life  (Read 3489 times)


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Re: Name a game that changed your life
« Reply #40 on: 05 May 2021, 01:57 »
I grown playing single-player games. My brothers was never interested to play with me, and for that reason, the ps2 give a really strong feeling of loneliness. In my 16, I was playing Silent Hill 2 in the port version for PC (I finished the game). After three or four years I want to play it in ps2, so I get a copy (we won't talk about this part... ehem), and start to play. For a few days I was feeling a bit depressed, and I don't understad why, I am talking about 1 or 2 weeks with that feeling. And one night I realized Silent Hill 2 was depressing me. The game itself got an atmosphere really sad, melancholic, and depress, but that, plus my experience playing always alone my ps2, give me that horrible feeling. After that I decided to left the game inmediatly.
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Re: Name a game that changed your life
« Reply #41 on: 08 May 2021, 23:02 »

In order of appearance in my life, rather than importance.

1. Bard's Tale I (Tales of the unknown)
2. Police quest I
3. Eye of the Beholder I
4. Oni
5. Cave Story (Dukotsu)

All of them are big, long games, that I've spent ages playing. Each one unique in their own way that made me dream that I could make up stories like that, to make games like that. 


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Re: Name a game that changed your life
« Reply #42 on: 09 May 2021, 03:49 »
I don't know...

What I mean is that it's too difficult to pinpoint exactly any one game that pushed me in any one direction. For instance, I could say that Galaxian, possibly the first video game I ever played (I think I was six years old when I discovered it), set me on the road to where I am now.

If I was to break it down into various phases in my videogame history, I suppose I could say Mercenary 3 on the Atari ST, Flashback on the Megadrive, Super Castlevania IV on the SNES, Resident Evil and Silent Hill on the Playstation, etc.

But we're talking about a history of 30+ years, so, as I said, it's pretty hard to pinpoint precisely those games that had an effect on me.

I will say that Silent Hill probably did have an effect on me, beyond most other games at the time; I remember the day I bought it, and I remember completing all available endings over the period of a single weekend.
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