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Kola Queen
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Moline, Illinois, summer 1986. The stench of the Mississippi River, the sizzle of the parking lot asphalt. You're fresh out of community college, riding the bus around looking for a job and trying to keep your cat fed. Your Uncle Leon, a key player in the local carbonated beverage game, has been offered a chance for exclusive distribution of a brand new soda pop around the Quad Cities area, and you're just the underemployed go-getter to help him out. He needs you to help him convince the five largest pop pushers around to carry this exciting new product, using nothing but your youthful charm, anecdotal knowledge of the beverage industry and ability to make small talk about racehorses with middle-aged men in short-sleeved dress shirts. From the strip malls of Bettendorf to the smoky metal clubs of Davenport, you and your elderly Papu take to the streets with this thrilling task and you’re not taking no for an answer in this full-length adventure game. Will you find hidden treasure? A vast conspiracy to hook children on corn syrup? A grand purpose in life? Probably not, but you might meet a local TV celebrity, run into your cousin at a bar, or even learn to drive a box truck. Look for it in the first quarter of 2021 wherever games are downloaded.

Travel to all five of the Quad Cities and meet new and enthralling new people!
Drink pop!
The first ever graphic adventure game featuring a Class B commercial license at the Department of Motor Vehicles!
Captivating EGA graphics and animations!
Over thirty locations!
Even a text parser!

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This looks brilliant, I love the premise and the artwork is stunning! Wishing you the best with development.

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Love the map screen!  :)

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Very interesting and original premise/plot idea! Also looking good.  ;-D


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Looks fab  (nod)


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Re: Kola Queen
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Love the art and can't wait to see the finished game :)

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Oh, I am loving this!  Gorgeous screenies!  Can't wait to pet the cat & use that cool map to travel!


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Re: Kola Queen
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Thanks for all the kind words.  I'll keep you all updated about what Chrissy and Papu are up to.