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Yep. We're hard at work polishing up the engine, and fixing various issues. In answer to some of the previous questions
1) We do have fallback detection for any unknown game title found, so any games we don't know about can still be added. The only downside is that it gets added with a generic "AGS Game" description. Eventually, the fallback detection will be enhanced to extract the game title from the found game and display that instead.

2) As for support, the ScummVM engine in theory supports the same version range that the standalone source it's based on does (i.e. 2.5+). However, the ScummVM reimplements the Allegro library as a thunk layer to translate calls to the ScummVM graphics classes & code. So initially there were lots of games that crashes due to mistakes in my implementation, or some of the more obscure Allego drawing routines not being implement. Likewise for the C++ std classes. That's our current focus.

As for announcements, Sev already made a posting on the group's Facebook page:
The images there are a good example of how fixes are being done over time.. previously, 32-bit images were getting their RGB mixed up. That also is fixed in the latest daily builds. More formal announcements other than that will probably wait until we're ready to announce an official testing period.
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