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Hey there everyone.  I'm finally announcing the project that's been sitting in my signature for ages now:  Chapter 9 Studio's first production, Mr. Carlson in: "Give Us the Box!"

The game, intended as a humourous amalgamation of action movie plot cliches in an adventure medium (no actual action in this game, trust me), follows the adventures of a rather reluctant Mr. Carlson.  Our hero is a mild-mannered but sarcastic employee of ParagonCorp, Inc., a large and faceless corporation.  As the game opens, he is desperate to get out of the office and the player must devise a way to escape without his boss detaining him.  When he returns from his illicit break, he is somewhat surprised to find that the entire ParagonCorp office building has exploded.  Police are stationed around the scene but refuse to volunteer Mr. Carlson any information regarding the incident, regardless of his status as a ParagonCorp employee.  Shaken, Mr. Carlson returns home.  Upon attempting to contact his coworkers by telephone, he discovers that their home phone lines have all been disconnected.  He finally hangs up the phone and the phone immediately rings.  Mr. Carlson is startled and cannot help feeling a bit nervous about who might be on the other end of the line, but he tentatively picks up the receiver.  As soon as it reaches his ear, he hears an ominous voice command...

"Give us the box!"


That's the scope of the demo, which will hopefully be released in the next few months.  Here are a couple screenshots, one of which you may have seen if you frequent the Critic's Lounge.  These may not be complete, but they should give you an idea of the game's overall graphic style.

The game will feature the following:
- High-color 640x400 resolution
- Loads and loads of item and hotspot descriptions
- Simple one-cursor system: left-click to interact and walk, right-click to look
- Totally ridiculous conspiracy-theory plot
- Humourous dialogue
- A blue cup
- Sprites and backgrounds of rather questionable quality
- Original soundtrack by Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Studios, the amateur adventure game development studio, is Chris Remo (me) and Tyler Ward (not me), both members of Chapter 9, the rock band.
At this point we are planning on doing everything ourselves, but I have some doubts as to my sprite-drawign and animating skills, so I may rethink that plan.

As I mentioned earler, we'll have a playable demo out as soon as we can, which will feature the plot outlined above, at least three non-player characters and three locations, each with multiple rooms.

I'll try to keep this thread updated when we make notable progress.  Eventually I'm planning on getting a website up as well, but that's not incredibly high on my priority list at the moment.

Feedback is of course welcome (and encouraged)!  :)

-Chapter 9 Studios
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Hey! as you gave to me a very polite post once...  I want to be the first to encourage you in this project... I´ll be the first in downloading this game! Good Luck!

I like the graphics... I was not sure when I first saw them, but I gave you a chance... My policy is not to critisice early art. Now i love it!

Are you guys ready? Let' s roll!


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Thanks for your comments, Farlander  :)  Your reponse is appreciated
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Hm, this sounds like a very interesting game. The plot is definately interesting, and the graphics looks great.
Hurry, hurry! ;D  


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Thanks Rincewind.  I'm glad to be getting positive feedback as to the graphics, since that was one area I was rather worried about.  :)
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The game looks promising and i like the clear style of the graphics and over feel.
this will make for a very good game i think.
i will follow this one progression closley.