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--- Quote from: Crimson Wizard on 26 Nov 2020, 15:37 ---Can't you let other people contribute to making game database, to speed this process up?

--- End quote ---
yes when i finish important things, also searching for solution creators can earn some money
i know mates from google sense i can put ads and somehow make donation system for creators
so every month one creator get 50% from site, true need good traffic for that but is possible

Sounds good. Good luck!  :-D

better than moby games  (laugh)
btw this link open steam or gog that will be for all commercial games
im strong against pirate games

creating menus logins and other things  (laugh)
good ags games with rating will be all on site
for demos and rest joke games there will be download for complete archive
there is no point to put some 1 min demo on site to waste time

site will be finished database with all point and click games and ags archive and donnation system for  creators
cdc was never liar


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