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How did the AGS coding come to be?
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Hi folks,

So AGS used to be the brain child of Chris Jones, and I had already been a lurker at that time, thinking “Well I certainly don't have the time to make small adventure games right now, but there'll come the time when this will change, and then I will probably want to do them with this tool.”

And when I returned after many years, “suddenly” the project has turned open source, and there was a crew diligently coding away at the studio software, with a small hard core seemingly having done this for around ten years. I mean the crew that programs the system, not the crew that programs adventures using the system.

So how did this transition come to be? What made you take up such a colossal task of tending to about 200'000 lines of code in more than 2'000 files?
  • Were you friends of Chris' at the time?
  • Did someone rope you in?
  • Were you fascinated at some aspect of the code?
Are there some annals somewhere where an “AGS historian” explains how AGS came to be? I'd be very interested to read them.  ;-D

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Re: How did the AGS coding come to be?
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Re: How did the AGS coding come to be?
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So, what drew you into the project at first? Something you urgently wanted to have fixed/improved?