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« on: 06 May 2003, 05:53 »
Calsoon 1... I'm stuck in some shrubbery and my trousers have fallen off. I need new ones before it'll let me get out. A guy on a hoverboard keeps flying by.


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You need to throw a coin down at the ground in front of him when he passes by.

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The thing I'm most pleased with in Calsoon 1 is this particular scene. Why? Because the situation sounds so absurd when described in first person :P
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It's been awhile since I played that one but I seem to remember combining some of the things I had to make something to wear after dropping the coin. Hope this helps. :)


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« Reply #4 on: 23 May 2003, 20:40 »
Cross a band and a leaf to make some new underwear. Click a few times and you will get out of the bush.