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Author Topic: Hopelessness - demo  (Read 838 times)

Hopelessness - demo
« on: 31 Mar 2021, 08:23 »
Hopelessness (working title)
The idea of   this game came up quite recently, it hasn`t plot and the setting hasn`t been chosen yet. I started with a demo to test the idea of  the gameplay, which simply is a turn-based shooter that takes place on a chessboard. Obstacles are placed randomly on every launch. Each player's turn (in one turn you can either shoot or move) another random enemy enters the arena.

The goal of the mission is to save all the princesses and kill the boss that will appear after that.

The player has 7 types of weapons, which are switched by keys 1-7.
1. Pistol. Shoots only horizontally and vertically. Weak weapon.
2. SMG. Shoots in 8 directions with three weak bullets. Great weapon!
3. Rifle. Shoots in 8 directions with one strong shot. Average power.
4. Shotgun. Shoots only horizontally or vertically, but with three parallel bullets. Nice gun.
5. Laser. Shoots in 4 directions with a very fast beam. Created for experimental purposes.
6. Rocket launcher. Shoots in 8 directions with a rocket that hits the area. Perhaps the best weapon in the world.)
7. Plasma gun. It shoots weakly, but in 8 directions at the same time.
Press F1 to help

To make a move or shot you need to click the left (to move) or right (to shoot) mouse button on one of the nearest 8 cells. Not further.
Enemies have different types of attacks. Most of them are very stupid and can easily be lured into pits. But not the boss of the level.

Further improvements are currently being developed. I will be very grateful to those who will share their feedback on the gameplay and give ideas how to develop this game.
Demo can be downloaded from:

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Re: Hopelessness - demo
« Reply #1 on: 08 Apr 2021, 02:39 »
I played the demo a couple of couples of times.  (laugh) This was a fun coffee break-sized game. It took me several goes to beat the boss, but I realize now that I only used the weakest weapon.

Everything is a bit small on my laptop, so it's a bit hard to see the numbers of hitpoints or to get an impression of the enemy type. I had too much going on to even think about what distinguished the different kinds of monster. The monster sounds and music added some intensity and worked really well. I constantly found myself dodging enemies and making a run for the princesses, only standing my ground to fight when strictly necessary and at the end of the level.

I'd like a presentation of the obstacles next to the game screen. Now you have to try walking into them to find out what they do. This could very well be done with the enemies as well, like on the arcade machines from back in the day.

The random setup gives the game some replay value and makes some games easy and others hard.