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I completely forgot about this, I added the different Colour Picker for the editor properties earlier this year, but did this in an experimental "ags4" branch.
To elaborate, current Color Picker is almost useless because it provides selection among some standard lists of colours only. The new one is a classic Colour Picker you see in Paint, for example, with full range of colours, and even ability to save colours (except they don't save between Editor launches).

The code changes were rather minor, so I also thought about porting these to 3.5.1 release, but it slipped out of my mind.

I'd like to receive some feedback before doing this though, because existing Picker appears as a non-modal panel below the Color property, but the new one is a modal dialog (requires to press OK).

This is a custom build of a 3.5.1 Editor with this colour picker (you may copy these files over 3.5.1 installation):


If for some reason you think that's a too radical change and improvements are necessary before it may be used, we could also leave this for 3.6.0.
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