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Author Topic: Forum charter: Competitions and Activities forum  (Read 22062 times)


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What this forum is for:
* Taking part in the various competitions and activities organized in the AGS Community

What this forum is not for:
* Anything else

If you have an idea for a new competition, then post it in the designated thread. It will then be allowed here if it gets approval from the majority of forum members and approval by a global moderator or a moderator of this forum.

DO NOT post a new competition here without asking first

Competitions and Activites:

* Background Blitz: Draw a background following to given rules, the winner is selected by voting.
* Colouring Ball: You get a basic sprite outline, and it's yours to colour and improve. Sometimes a theme is given. The thread starter elects a winner, who gets to initiate the next round, and provide the start-sprite.
* Fortnightly Writing Competition: Write a short story on a given topic / brief, the overall winner is decided by users selecting their favourites in categories such as Character, Plot, Writing Style & Atmosphere.
* MAGS: A monthly competition for all amateur adventure game makers. The idea is to use AGS to create a game in under a month, following the rules set by the previous winner.
* Sprite Jam: Draw a sprite/sprites that fits the theme and size/color rules of the current event. Normally it's up to the host to decide who the winner is, and the winner will be the host to the next constest.

* MSPaint Game: Using MS Paint to sketch the scene the previous poster asked for.
* Tune Contest: Create a musical masterpiece that fits the current events theme and rules.
* Photoshop Biweekly: Using your favourite editing program, modify a picture to fit the theme of the week.
* AGS team challenge: The activity itself does not take place here, only the registration and the information updates.
* Puzzle Time: Every week a post will be made with a list of items and a scenario. Using your brain find a way to complete the scenario with the items provided.
* Caption Contest: Fill in the bubbles to make a serious and/or funny comic strip. Normally it's up to the host to decide who the winner is, and the winner will be the host to the next constest.
* Monthly Writing Project: Write a short story that illustrates the theme of the month.
* Concept Art to Functional: Using the provided concept art, create a workable piece for AGS games.
* Poetry Competition: Write your own poetry fitting the proposed theme, the winner is selected by voting.
* Voice acting competition: Record the text provided by last round's winner.
* Comic Competition: Make a comic strip according to the theme set by the thread initiator.
* Ongoing Comic: Add a strip or a panel to the previous contributions, to help create a long, ongoing comic.
* The ASCII game: Create art with the ASCII symbols.
* Quizzening: Test your adventure game related knowledge.
* Photography competition: Take pictures according to the the theme set by the thread initiator.

Activities that are lined out are not currently available. Do not re-activate without consulting a moderator.
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