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Author Topic: Welcome! READ THIS BEFORE POSTING  (Read 23715 times)


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« on: 14 Mar 2003, 23:41 »
So you've wandered into the technical mire that is AGS game-making, and you've come for assistance. There's nothing wrong with that, we all need a little help now and then.

  • Help with more difficult scripting questions
  • Bug reports
  • Suggestions for future versions of AGS

  • Simple questions about the AGS Editor or scripting (use the Beginners Technical Questions forum)
  • General chat (use the Adventure-related talk or General Discussion forums)
  • Art questions. Do NOT post questions about Paint Shop Pro or how to draw characters here!
  • Asking when the next version will be released. If you ask when the next version is coming out, you will be slapped silly with a moist trout. Versions are released when they are ready. End of story.

USE A DESCRIPTIVE SUBJECT WITH ALL NEW POSTS! Subjects like "Question" or "Help" will not be tolerated.

Before posting, have a check of the various documentation which is available on the Resources and Knowledge Base pages.
Also, try a forum search first to see if a similar question has already been answered in the past.
However, don't unnecessarily bump old threads to the front page. If your problem is different enough and you still need help, feel free to start a new thread.

The Bug and Suggestion Tracker lists known bugs and current suggestions for future AGS versions. If you think one of the suggestions would really help your game, feel free to reply to its entry and lend your support.

In addition to the one built into AGS, an online version of the manual is available as well. Also, there's a user-driven AGS Wiki.

AGS supports user-written plugins and script modules. You can find them listed here, here and here. Once you're comfortable with AGS, why not check them out and see if they can help you.
Beware though, using a plugin will mean that your game won't run on Linux or MacOS! Script modules work on all platforms.

Interesting topics including plugin and module support threads have been archived in the Modules, Plugins and Technical FAQ forum.
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