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I've read through the other posts in the thread(s) now. I would guess that the confusion in chapter two for some players may be because chapter one uses a traditional dynamic. I was not confused, because
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Lucas asks a question and we then cut to Mia talking to a man we know is now dead. Obviously this was in the past. However, it took me a while before I dared go into the street and leave the conversation, and even longer to discover that I could interchange items between the characters. Being a huge DOTT fan helps!

I didn't like the code puzzle in the secret room.
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I knew the latin phrase, so I immediately knew what to do. However, the mirrored phrase is spelled wrong: "ACTAL" should be "ATCAL". So I tried it with or without spelling error, with and without capitals, with and without spaces and in all combinations of the words, as latin doesn't have a set sequence in a sentence. As you can guess, I did the wrong things first.

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Hi heltenjon!

I wanted to include chapter 2 in the DEMO for that reason, I wanted to test that dynamic of story telling. And I understand how it can be confusing for some players if I don't get it right.

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Maybe I could put a sign indicating when you are as each character, or have the backgrounds change a little, so that you wouldn't think it's the same place. I'll do it when I get an artist.

And I can't believe this!

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It IS wrong! I checked that puzzle over and over, even with a real mirror! The thing is that it was well spelled in the script, but I messed it up in the translation file.
Thanks for this one, this was a huge one!

It's fixed now and the link updated  :-D

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Yeah, I love the character swap. I just don't think the other guys would have been confused by it if this was the dynamic from the start. But it's great the way it is. You could add a caption with "Present time" or "Three days ago" if you want to make it easier, but I don't think it's too hard like it is.

The code puzzle: I would have liked the interface to automatically turn on CAPS or simply accept the correct letters regardless of capitalization. I would also have liked the GUI to show how many letters were in which word to avoid the question of spaces or not, or the sequence of the words. I guess the last bit is harder to code, and none of them are strictly necessary. I just think that the real puzzle is
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to be able to read the word in the mirror cabinet correctly.
And the rest is dressing and shouldn't be difficult.

I hope you manage to include character swap and time jumps in the following chapters, too. Don't be frustrated by the critique, the game is already very good, and we certainly want more.  (nod)

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One of the most unique art styles I've seen in a while, I really dig it!! Gonna download the demo now :)